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Surrey Square Primary School


Our Values

At Surrey Square we believe that children can achieve personal excellence through the teaching and modelling of values and skills. Our 6 values – Responsibility, Respect, Enjoyment, Community, Perseverance and Compassion - drive and shape every aspect of school life, and have taken the place of school ‘rules’. Our work in this respect has been acknowledged by many visitors (including, repeatedly, by Ofsted).

 “This child doesn’t know how to behave.”

We do not judge or get angry with children when they come to school not able to read or write – we set about using our professional skills and experience, love and energy, to do everything in our power to ensure they learn those things. So why should it be any different if what the child needs to learn is about how to speak appropriately to an adult, or how to manage themselves when they feel upset or embarrassed? Why would we as an institution simply expect our pupils, coming from such challenged backgrounds in so very many cases, to know this stuff, and get angry with them when they didn’t? Surely, in the most fundamental way, if they don’t know ‘how to behave’, then it is our job, as teachers, to teach them?

 “We want to arrive at a world where kids don’t play up. But are we saying that we have arrived only when children don’t misbehave? Get real! Growing up is all about children learning to behave.” [Sir Alan Steer, Government Behaviour Tsar]

It’s about more than rules – it’s about making good choices

Children have got to have the ability to make decisions and choices themselves about the best way to behave in a situation. We will not always be there helping them to think it through. That is the key difference in our approach to values based learning; rules prescribe a set of appropriate/inappropriate context-specific behaviours (e.g. walk in the corridors), whereas values give a set of aspirational guidelines within which children must choose the right behaviour in any context (e.g. how do I need to move around the school if I am taking responsibility for myself and others?).

Meet our Core Value characters

ColExcellence TwinsJoyKofiPercyRafaRi Ri

Click on the pictures to find out more about each character.

Parent and Carer Video

Our parents and carers wanted to make a video for one of our core values. Here is their take on 'RESPECT'.


'You've Got To PER-SEV-ERE'

Our core value focus this term is PERSEVERANCE.

Our staff believe so passionately in the importance of this value that they created a song and video to inspire the children and reinforce the message that perseverance is a crucial life skill.