Surrey Square Primary School

Surrey Square Primary School

Our Excellence in Learning

Excellence in our learning

At Surrey Square Primary School we believe in making all learning purposeful and meaningful. We do this by teaching the national curriculum and personal excellence curriculum through the use of REAL projects.

 REAL means

 R = Rigorous

 E = Engaging

 A = Authentic

 L = Learning

REAL projects allow teachers to create lessons and activities around a single complex enquiry that leads to a high quality end product that is exhibited to an authentic audience. Projects are rigorously designed and planned to cover all aspects of the national curriculum whilst at the same time providing a rich, real life learning experience. This way of learning allows our students to develop their own self-confidence and creativity, as well as develop skills that prepare them for a world outside of school. See below for some examples of excellence through our project-based learning approach.

Should you judge a book its cover?

Why are animals important?

How does environment affect culture?

What is Architecture?

Us, Now and Always

Where do we live?

How did the Great Fire change London?