Surrey Square Primary School

Surrey Square Primary School

What People Say


Parents very passionate

Completely blown away by the staff and leaders

A thorough understanding of all systems and processes that are embedded in the school

Amazing – a wonderful schoolAn incredible place of learning which all leaders, teachers and pupils and the wider community should be extremely proud of

You walk in the school and sense it is purposeful and outstanding instantly

Warm, open and friendly staffGreat sense of family community and belonging

Excellence throughout, high academic standards led by the values

I would love my child to attend this school

Warm greeting from staff on duty, head and reception staff

Amazing openness at the beginning of the school day.

Open interaction between staff, parents, children and visitors

The school “oozes” outstanding from walking through the gates

Really made welcome and great fun with teachers and children.  

 Christopher Collins, Blue Peter

Had the impression that the school was great. I really like the way that the school is used to motivate children.  I was treated as part of the team.

Sara Bruguetas, Teacher/Training Placement

Sue on reception was extremely friendly and polite and I received a warm welcome. Also met the headteacher who again was very forthcoming and friendly. Fire drill was done during the morning, very calm students who were aware of expectations.

Andrea Spencer, Harris Academy East Dulwich.

Very fresh, welcoming, community school. A very educational learning environment.  This is a wonderful school if I had children I would send them here.

Sabrina, First Place

Received a valuable programme for the day with very relevant input from a range of staff. I appreciate people giving up their time to spend with me.

Nicola Tunstall, Bromley MAT

Children and staff so welcoming all of them a delight. Thank you for a wonderful lunch with the children and thank you to Year 6 who sang for us.

Alan Hilton, past pupil (during the war)

Surrey square is so welcoming from the moment you arrive you feel included. Staff are amazing. The school fosters a great atmosphere of respect and care for each other.

Hanna Coulson, Royal College of Art.

A very impressive welcome and warm hello by members of staff. Fantastic headteachers. Very impressive part of the community an integral part of the pupils development.

Alex Walker, State Street.

Great little community within a community!

Tom Ward, State Street

Lots of progress since I last visited. The values have been embedded in everything you do. 

David Hudson, Future Leaders

Very impressed by vision and how the values are shared in many way. Blown away by parent video, parental engagement and the quality of relationship across the school. Thank you for all your time and effort.

Louise Cathrow, Canary Wharf College.

Perfect, thoughtful, excellent and compassionate. A real experience with real people. Inspirational staff and pupils. 

Sarah Bowmer, Comber Grove

Welcoming school and staff believe in what they do. A great sense of passion.  Thank you for your warmth, generosity honesty and patience. Move closer to Australia so we can visit more often! You exceeded my expectations.

Bernard Kerrens, St Francis of the Fields, Australia

Fantastic! Outstanding, very positive. Love the schools use of values.

Jim Balfanz, City Year, Canada

Fantastic vision and values evident. Ethos clear in all aspects of school culture.  Parents and children love the school and the experiences they get.  Staff and students happy in their work. Impressed with how the values are included within the planning and rewards system. 
 Caterina Lamacchia – Future Leaders