We teach projects that are relevant to our pupils, their families, their community, or the global community.

Many of these projects focus on diversity and inclusion, or the climate crisis. We have a strong focus on the creative arts, and ensure that this is given an equal weighting in the curriculum. 

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Why are plants important?

Year 1

In this project, children answered the question 'Why are plants important?'

What do plants need to survive?


Children connect with nature to understand our responsibility in cultivating and caring for the natural world around us.

What are the different stories of the Great Fire of London?

Year 1

In this project the children answered the question 'What are the different perspectives of the Great Fire of London?'

What Makes London Special?

Year 1

In this project the children answered the question ‘What makes London special?’ by researching various London landmarks and buildings and thinkin

Why Do We Believe?

Year 1

In this project ‘Why do we believe?’, children began to explore the concept of a ‘belief’ and how people believe in different things.

What is a Role Model?

Year 1

In ‘What is a role model?’, students explored their new role as the oldest children in the school.

How Have Toys Changed?


Children investigated toys of the past and present to understand how they have changed over time.

How Do We Celebrate?


Children investigated the different ways our families, communities and cultures celebrate at this time of year.

Why are Communities Important?


The children developed an understanding of 'community' and what it means to us at school and in our home lives.