Core Wellbeing

Children’s Wellbeing

The children take part in weekly journaling and reflection sessions. We know that journaling helps you to organise your thoughts, express yourself and process and deal with your emotions.

Specialist Intervention

Some children need additional support in different ways. We work with a number of external partners to support the different needs and challenges that some of our children face.

Physical Wellbeing

Magic Breakfast

Our Breakfast Club is fueled by Magic Breakfast, a charity that’s mission is to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn and thrive. Our Daily Breakfast Club opens at 8am and is open to all children where they receive a free nutritious breakfast to fuel them for the day ahead.

We work with Chefs in School to ensure that our pupils eat the highest quality, freshest food, made from scratch. We know that having high quality meals can boost attainment, well-being and health in children. Chefs in school are on a mission to transform food education – laying the foundations for children to have a life-long love of food.