Equip to Thrive

Expertise in Foundation Subjects

We know the importance of building skill and knowledge within the separate subject disciplines. We teach foundation subjects discretely, linking knowledge from across other subjects only where meaningful connections can be made. Each term, the children take part in a Foundation Subject Week where they become artists, coders, theologists and geographers for the day. They learn to build on previous skills and end the day with a final outcome. These skills can then be applied to different aspects of our project curriculum. Link to Curriculum page for curriculum maps in these subjects.

Beyond the National Curriculum

The Identity Curriculum

In the Autumn term the whole school participates in a sequence of identity lessons. This culminates in a poetry slam known as the P Factor. Find out more about our identity curriculum here.

Aspiration Week

We know the importance of introducing children to new ideas and possibilities from a young age. Throughout aspiration week, the children are visited by a number of speakers who share their life journey which has enabled them to do what they do. They specify which of our values have played a key part in this journey. We ensure that through this work, stereotypes are challenged and are visible to our children.

Spark Speeches

At our school, year 6 students participate in Spark Speeches – a project that helps them develop powerful and persuasive speechwriting and public speaking skills. They explore their passions and opinions on various topics and learn about global issues. This project empowers them to be advocates for important causes, and we aim to foster confident communicators and passionate advocates for positive change.

Learning to navigate life

Bubble Theatre helps children address real-life issues by using the transformative power of theater. We collaborate with them to teach our Year 6 students about topics such as peer pressure, knife crime, and grooming. The program immerses students in dynamic exploration with skilled actors, allowing them to better understand their options in challenging situations and to consider alternatives with adult guidance. Our children develop valuable life skills such as critical thinking, empathy, and self-confidence as they make informed choices and understand their impact on the lives of those around them. Ultimately, their experience with Bubble Theatre empowers them to become more compassionate and resilient individuals who are ready to face the complexities of the world.

KS2 E-Portfolios

We believe that the current assessment system focuses on a narrow range of outcomes. We want to balance this for our children and so in Year 6, the children build and curate their own e-portfolio, showcasing a deeper range of evidence for the core subjects along with broader subjects, skills and dispositions. It empowers them to take ownership of their learning, boosting their self-efficacy, helping them to truly reflect on what they have learnt during their time at SSQ, identifying all of their strengths and showcasing who they truly are.