Our Eco work

As part of Big Education, we have a clear vision for sustainability:

To build a community who value their relationship with nature and are empowered to create positive change in response to the environmental crisis.

How do we achieve this?

To achieve this vision and our wider actions, our climate and sustainability strategy is structured around four aspects known as the four Es – Ethos, Environment, Engagement and Education. These act as a simple organising principle for our schools to work towards Whole-Trust sustainability.


The way things are done


Buildings, energy and grounds


Working together, inside and outside the school


Teaching and learning

At SSQ, we know that the more children are connected to nature, the more they will be motivated to look after it. Thanks to the amazing work of Edible Rotherhithe, we have developed green spaces across the school grounds which include growing areas including a polytunnel. Growing-enrichment sessions take place weekly for children to take part in, growing food that is then used in the school kitchen for lunches the following week. We also ensure that 2 lunches per week are meat-free. 

We have bird boxes, bug hotels and pet snails to encourage children to understand more about the environment and develop compassion towards nature. 

Our OPAL playtimes make use of sustainable materials such as cable reels, old tyres, push chairs, tarpaulin, etc to encourage imaginative play. 

Our eco-team are driving forward this work to ensure that our school habits are as sustainable as they can be.