Our Vision

We work together from the core, equipping our community to thrive and to build a better world for themselves and others.

The core

Core Wellbeing

We believe in the importance of being mentally and physically happy; we can only learn and grow when our fundamental basic needs are met.

We develop fluency and mastery of important foundational skills in oracy, reading, writing and maths.

Core Relationships

We actively create strong relationships, where everyone feels a sense of belonging, enabling all to feel part of the community. We recognise that positive relationships are fundamental to everything we do. They need to be continuously built, nurtured and developed over time, with all stakeholders.

We believe that values underpin the person you are now and the person you aim to be in the future. They influence how you conduct yourself & behave towards others in every day life. We actively teach them in all aspects of school life & promote the importance of them.

Equip to Thrive

Self-confidence and self-efficacy

We believe that in order to be our authentic self, we need to be comfortable and confident; physically and mentally. We need to be able to identify and articulate our own strengths and know that we have areas to develop; these don’t hinder our ability to grow.

Wisdom and Expertise

We develop as lifelong learners who are inquisitive about the world in which we live. Our learning of this allows us to make links between the past and present while building our horizons and aspirations through the knowledge that we acquire to navigate our own informed way through the world.

Open-mindedness and reflection

We learn how to think beyond ourselves and we are eager to learn about others and are proactive in doing so. We appreciate and celebrate differences. We believe that stereotypes have no place in our society as we know that they can be damaging to our identity. We are active in challenging stereotypes of ourselves and of others.

Build a Better World

Challenging the status quo

We help our school community to ask questions in a safe space in order to discover the power of their voice. We educate our community about the different barriers people may face in life equipping them with the tools to challenge and overcome them. We are not afraid to have rich conversations that tackle sensitivities. We build aspiration and encourage the community to have high expectations of themselves and to challenge those that don’t.

Becoming a creative problem solver

We learn to work collaboratively to solve complex interdisciplinary problems. We learn how to think like a designer, practising and refining skills needed to create solutions to these problems which enable us to reach excellence.

Being an advocate for self and others

We learn how to effectively articulate who we are and what we believe as individuals. We can confidently communicate our beliefs and we seek out opportunities for our voices to be heard. We know our rights and responsibilities as citizens go beyond ourselves and know that as members of the local and global community, it is our responsibility to pro-actively advocate for the rights of others.

Welcoming school and staff believe in what they do. A great sense of passion. Thank you for your warmth, generosity honesty and patience. Move closer to Australia so we can visit more often! You exceeded my expectations.

Perfect, thoughtful, excellent and compassionate. A real experience with real people. Inspirational staff and pupils.

Very impressed by vision and how the values are shared in many way. Blown away by parent video, parental engagement and the quality of relationship across the school. Thank you for all your time and effort.