At Surrey Square, our curriculum is driven by purposeful outcomes, is relevant to each and every child and is expansive beyond the national curriculum so that our children will know more, do more and BE more!


  • It provides opportunities for children to explore the world around them, enabling them to understand their place within their wider communities and foster curiosity and fascination for the world they live in.
  • Throughout their journey through the school, children revisit the topic of spatial sense and practise key geographical skills, such as map reading, coordinates and compass directions. 
  • Our geography curriculum gives children an opportunity for purposeful, hands on, skills based learning that curates an interest in the world around them.

Our teaching approach

  • Subject specific day per term


  • The curriculum structure helps pupils to deepen their understanding of physical and human geographical processes, making meaningful connections and gaining an understanding of how our world is connected.
  • Alongside their study of the UK and Europe, children will extend their knowledge beyond these regions to study world geography. There is a focus on observational skills and fieldwork to study the local area, growing in challenge across the school. 
  • Our geography curriculum equips pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people and environments, allowing them to recognise their own role in becoming a responsible global citizen.
  • Geography is taught on a dedicated and purposeful day each term during Foundation Week, assuring that key geographical knowledge and skills are taught thoroughly throughout the year.

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