At Surrey Square, our curriculum is driven by purposeful outcomes, is relevant to each and every child and is expansive beyond the national curriculum so that our children will know more, do more and BE more!


  • To promote physical and mental well-being through the power of music
  • To enable all children to enjoy, persevere and perform musically
  • To build musical confidence in children giving them a variety of opportunities to perform

Our Teaching Approach

  • Y3/4/5 learn one instrument for 10 weeks 
  • One music day per term as part of Foundation Week
  • Weekly Singing Assemblies
  • Further opportunities for musical performance: choir, school band, festival
  • Small Group Peripatetic Lessons available for Key Stage 2 children.


  • Whole class instrumental lessons build up to a final performance that…
  • Foundation Week lessons allow children to listen to and appreciate a variety of musical genres, fostering open-mindedness and respect. They also allow a key musical skill to be taught and honed throughout the day leading to a class performance that is recorded/performed to an audience. 
  • Weekly singing assemblies allow all children to develop their singing voices. A variety of songs and styles are chosen to broaden minds and… 
  • Further musical opportunities such as choir and the school band allow children from different year groups to share their passion for music, working towards performances both in school and within the local and wider London community.
  • Peripatetic lessons allow children to develop their instrumental skills – choosing an instrument in which they can practise responsibility and discipline – developing their musicianship theoretical skills…

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