At Surrey Square, our curriculum is driven by purposeful outcomes, is relevant to each and every child and is expansive beyond the national curriculum so that our children will know more, do more and BE more!


  • We understand that science is about developing an understanding and making sense of our environment.
  • We want our children to become creative problem solvers and be encouraged to raise scientific questions and to choose ways to investigate them. 
  • Science in our school is about developing children’s ideas and inquiry skills, to enable them to make sense of the world in which they live through investigation, motivated by their interests. 
  • We want the children to have access to a wide range of STEM experiences to broaden their opportunities for the development of scientific understanding. 

Our teaching approach

  • Weekly discreet lessons
  • Interdisciplinary projects:Steam project
  • Annual Science week


  • Science Ambassadors across all classes- purposeful role supporting teacher in classroom
  • Science clubs including Pop up clubs


  • To enable coverage of all science topics and ensure progression of skills.
  • Weekly, timetabled science lessons which enable them to develop and improve their enquiry skills
  • It makes science an integral part of the school experience
  • Gives the opportunity to use and apply science in practical, real-life and problem-solving situations using the appropriate scientific language
  • STEAM PROJECTS engage children with a real problem and foster open-mindedness and reflection
  • Inviting specialists from outside organisations to provide enrichment activities
  • Where possible Engaging with businesses and organisations to provide rich scientific experiences in the ‘real world’
  • Science week – bringing together collaborative learning across the school