At Surrey Square, our curriculum is driven by purposeful outcomes, is relevant to each and every child and is expansive beyond the national curriculum so that our children will know more, do more and BE more!


  • We aim to foster a deep understanding of and a love for the power of words, both spoken and written.
  • We aim to equip children with the language and skills they need to thrive and advocate for themselves throughout their school careers and beyond.

Our teaching approach


  • Our writing curriculum is purposely organised to provides an in-depth coverage of a range of fiction genres and non-fiction texts, and allows children to truly master these styles.  
  • Our approach allows children to learn and internalise text and story patterns, which immerses them in rich language from nursery through to year 6. 
  • Our writing curriculum provides an environment in which children can be truly creative, providing a structure that allows them to fully explore and develop their ideas. 
  • This approach teaches children to become selective and reflective about the language that they use, questioning and challenging themselves to employ vocabulary and structures that will most suit their intended purpose.
  • Our writing curriculum provides daily opportunities for children to hone their writing skills, and apply new learning.
  • We have expressly designed our writing curriculum to link with a REAL project outcome; we believe this drives motivation and purpose for the children.